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After importing his traditional painting into Photoshop, Jon continues working with it until he reaches the desired level of finish. This movie shows every keystroke and zooms into each Menu item in great detail; far above the average screen-capture video!

Premium Content: Parts I and II

Jon Foster: Digital Painting, Parts I and II by theartdepartment

Part 1: Jon takes the oil painting image into Photoshop and then explains his "workspace" he has developed inside Photoshop and Painter. Making selection masks in Photoshop is important to Jon, and saving those selections so he can use them later is part of his usual routine.  By the way......every keystroke Jon makes is displayed onscreen, as well as zoomed-in close-ups of every Menu selection. State of the art screen capture technology! You will never need to squint at the screen and wonder what Jon is doing with the software!

Part 2: Jon explains the layers palette, image adjustments, adjustment layers, etc. Also, lots of good color talk during this section, including color harmonizing. See many different versions of this painting take shape before your eyes as Jon tries different ideas during the process of experimentation.

Premium Content: Parts III and IV

Jon Foster: Digital Painting, Parts III and IV by theartdepartment

Part 3: Two words: Digital fire! Jon concentrates on getting the fire effects working with the overall feel of the image. More color work, more value work as well. Learn about putting down a color or value, and then reacting to the new effect is has on the rest of the image. It's a balancing act of adding, subtracting, lightening, and darkening.

Part 4: Continuing with the fire, Jon really gets into the subtitles of the image. This section deals almost entirely with working the effects of the overall image. Color changes and rotating layers help with getting just the right feel to the piece.

Premium Content: Parts V and VI

Jon Foster: Digital Painting, Parts V and VI by theartdepartment

Part 5: Switching from Photoshop to Painter is emphasized in this section. Using different brushes and just working inside the Painter environment, Jon does more subtle work on the overall image. Softening edges and pulling out a sharper edge or two makes a big difference.

Part 6: Back to Photoshop for this section. Making more selections and masks lets Jon make broad changes to desired areas. A little work on the nose of the figure for that added touch of character! 

Premium Content: Parts VII and VIII

Jon Foster: Digital Painting, Parts VII and VIII by theartdepartment

Part 7: Jon makes a few tweaks in Photoshop, and then take the image back to Painter. More talk about Painter brushes, and some of the interesting idiosyncratic traits of Painter. Plenty of good zoomed-in close-ups for your complete edification!

Part 8: More work inside Painter, and finally back to Photoshop. The word "subtle" will have new meaning after seeing Jon go into the finishing stages of this image. Ever wonder what makes Jon Foster's work so incredible? You have just seen for yourself what he THINKS about while making one image. He does not compromise on quality.

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