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Who is George Pratt?

*George-Pratt is a successful painter and author, whose work is in private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and Japan and has been exhibited in the Houston Museum of Fine Art and many galleries throughout the world. He received a BFA cum laude in Drawing & Painting from Pratt Institute, where he later taught for seven years.

George's documentary film, See You In Hell, Blind Boy, about his travels through the Mississippi Delta researching his blues novel of the same name, won "Best Feature Documentary" at the New York International Independent Film Festival.

George was included in Walt Reed's book The Illustrator in America 1860 - 2000. He was also awarded a Gold Medal in the Spectrum Awards of 2002. He was awarded the Eisner Award for Best Multimedia Artist at the San Diego ComicCon for his work on Wolverine: Netsuke, which he wrote and painted for Marvel Entertainment. Check out his work below!

Entropy by George-Pratt Wolverine: Netsuke double-page spread by George-Pratt Wolverine: Netsuke page by George-Pratt Entropy by George-Pratt Wounded by George-Pratt

Write your own Graphic Novel!

In these short, educational clips, *George-Pratt describes the differences between graphic novels and comics, and offers tips on drawing materials and story development.

** See more free videos here! **

Watch a visual story emerge from start to finish.

George has a series of videos available as Premium Content, where you can follow along as he demonstrates the use of different mediums and methods used in his development process.

George Pratt: Observational Drawing, Part I by theartdepartment

George Pratt: Observational Drawing

George talks about the different mark-making tools he uses while drawing in his sketchbook while on location. He then discusses working from a live model in different environments. A frank discussion about why you should be drawing in a sketchbook, and how to go about it for the best results.

3-Part Series | 900 Points each

George Pratt: Multimedia, Part I by theartdepartment

George Pratt: Multi Media

Using pen and ink, opaque inks, pastels, and reference photography, George produces an emotional image with line, tone, and color. Whatever makes a line, tone, or color, George will probably use it on a picture at some point!

3-Part Series | 900 Points each

George Pratt: Watercolor, Part I by theartdepartment

George Pratt: Watercolor

Using a hybrid technique that utilizes both transparent and opaque watercolor, a sensitive Geisha girl in a robe appears from the brush of George Pratt. You will love seeing his palette and how he mixes color!

3-Part Series | 900 Points each

George Pratt: Pen and Ink, Part I by theartdepartment

George Pratt: Pen and Ink

Using pen nibs, brushes, black ink, opaque white ink, and his own reference photography, George produces and interesting image of a World War I casualty while explaining his process. A couple of great technical tips along the way will change the way you work!

4-Part Series | 700 Points each

George Pratt: Graphic Novel Process, Part I by theartdepartment

George Pratt: Graphic Novel Process

George explains how he got started in the business and how he produces a graphic novel; concentrating on the ideation stage. See plenty of George's graphic novel work and hear historical information about graphic novel evolution. Learn the three rules of graphic novels: Storytelling, storytelling, and storytelling!

6-Part Series | 600 Points each

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very nice work!!
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